Susan O.

“I first went to Rob years ago when he was finishing his initial training to become a Rolfer. At that time, all kinds of things were out of whack on my body. I like to say that he "put me back together"! Since that time, he has received extensive training and has honed his skills to where he seems to know exactly what to do so that I can move easefully, with pain. Whenever I've messed up my body in some way, he's always been there to "fix me". I've tried all kinds of practitioners but none has been able to do what he can. His knowledge of the body, along with his clear intention feels like a miracle!"


Michael S.

“All is well and getting better. 5 years ago I decided on a non-conventional approach to change my health and improve my personal conditioning. I am 60 this year. I am getting thinner (-25#) and younger looking (15 to 20 years). I don't think I could have archived such great results with the structural support I received from Rolfing. I have been an athlete and active sports enthusiast all my life. The bodywork from Rob and Tuki are necessary for me as I detoxify and restore my health. If you are going to change your lift, you have to change your habits and routine. Rolfing is a part of my change. I endorse Richmond Rolfing. The proof is baked in the cake."

Lee M.

“I have been seeing Rob Miller for treatments over the past 2-3 years. We have successfully addressed temporary as well as chronic problems. The most successful session was the work done to address a chronic problem related to an automobile accident over 30 years ago. Both of my  lungs collapsed and several ribs were broken. As a result, I was only able to inhale continuously for 4 rather than the required 6 seconds in a beginning yoga class. In one session, Rob was able to free up the misaligned structure of my rib cage. I attended yoga class the next day and was able to inhale continuously for 8 seconds.  I have recommended Rob to several friends who have had similar positive experiences.”

Eric P.

“I've been seeing Rob on a regular basis for ten years for a variety of health issues. Though none of these was very serious, I am very attentive to my health and demand superior performance in my swimming, surfing, tennis, and daily workouts. Rob has been central in my efforts to maintain excellent health, even well into my 60s."


Berkeley S.


"Before going to Richmond Rolfing, I thought my body was just the way it was. I have been three times so far and have noticed a tremendous change. After every appointment with Tuki, I am so relaxed that I feel like I have had a cocktail!"

Sara H.


"I have been seeing Tuki weekly for a while now and I can say that it has been life changing. It’s the best hour and a half of my week!"