Rolfing Structural Integration is a unique and highly effective system of physical manipulation and movement education. It is the product of over 50 years of study by Dr. Ida Rolf.

At Richmond Rolfing, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in soft tissue manipulation. We judge our success by the people we help.  Since 2002 we have been organizing Richmond in the field of gravity one person at a time.




Richmond Rolfing is a holistic practice center for structural integration focused on fostering Rolfing and serving the Richmond region. Our talented and experienced staff includes certified Rolfers and massage therapists. 

2000 Bremo Rd Suite #106 Richmond, VA 23226 

phone: 804 353-0518       cell: 804 405-0066



"Rob is very knowledgeable and informative in explaining how the body should move. I can say that I feel much more relief and move with much greater ease in my daily activities and in my yoga practice."

– Mackenzie

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