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By addressing patterns in your structure, soft tissue manipulation can allow you to move with grace and express yourself more efficiently. We work to get you past the negative situations in your structure to improve your posture and balance. Athletes can experience enhanced performance, individuals with structural related injuries and aggravations can find relief and everyone can benefit from better alignment and body awareness.

To better serve the region, our practice has recently relocated to
2000 Bremo Rd Suite #106 Richmond, VA 23226.

Call us at 804 353-0518 or 804 405-0066. We look forward to your next session!


Our Therapists

Rob Miller 

Rob Miller has been a Certified Rolfer since 2002 and a Certified Advanced Rolfer since 2007.  He has always had a fascination with human movement as well as the limitless potential of human expression.

”Rolfing opened up restrictions in my fascia so that my aches and pains went away. It also opened me up as a human being. That's why I am a Rolfer. Being in process to organize human structure for optimal efficiency by manipulating soft tissue is grounding, empowering and transformative. But the best thing about Rolfing is that the results are obvious. And in the end, the viability of the work speaks for itself.”

Rob has studied many movement modalities including in-depth pursuit of Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Lino Miele and Ving Tsun kung fu under the direction of Sifu Barry O’Brien.

 Single Rolfing Sessions cost $160.

To schedule a 60 minute session with Rob and to inquire about purchasing options, call  804 353-0518


Rob Miller
Certified Advanced Rolfer

Tuki Bartolini

Tuki Bartolini grew up in a large family in Richmond, Virginia.  The daughter of artists, she cultivated a love for painting and gardening. The awareness and attention to detail that both practices developed in her is evident in her bodywork.  Tuki has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (NCBTMB) since 2005, and she has expanded her knowledge through in-depth study in many different techniques and modalities including myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and neuromuscular therapy.

“I am amazed at the way bodies and our relationship with our body changes throughout the process of massage. There’s a conversation that goes on when I work, but it’s not in words.”

60 minute Massage Sessions cost $90, and 90 minute Massage Sessions cost $125.

To schedule a 60 minute or 90 minute session with Tuki and to inquire about purchasing options, call 804 353-0518


Tuki Bartolini
Licensed Massage Therapist